Where do ideas come from?

Because I was fond of cats, I decided that a man might take umbrage if youngsters hung cats by their tails from a tree and stoned them. I thought of him as a protector and wrote a novel and called it ‘The Protector’. He sought them out and killed the culprits. I believe I got the idea from my horror of animal cruelty.

When my loft was being cleared so that it could be insulated, ultra huge blue plastic bags were used to take away the contents. I must have subconsciously remembered them as they became very important to my recent novel called ‘Body in a Bag’. I remembered that one bag could hold a human-being. In my story, of course, it was a dead one.

Sometimes new experiences that you come across unexpectedly can give you ideas. For example, one day I saw a bus driver get out of his seat and shout up the bus to someone well behind me. “If you want to go further, you’ll have to pay more money. The ticket you bought only takes you to the castle.” As I write crime stories, I wondered if the bus driver would find the culprit couldn’t move because he was dead.

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