Beware in the Coffee Shop!

Beware in the Coffee Shop!

Nobody is trying to steal your handbag or your purse, but you might find someone stealing a glance at your profile.

As a writer, it isn’t until someone catches your attention that you take note. Recently in a coffee shop, an attractive thirty-year old woman sat two tables away from me and something about her made me sit up and watch. Without thinking too much about it, I took out my memo pad and wrote down a description of what she was wearing, the shade and style of her hair, her shape and her body language. I noted the type of coffee she was drinking and the cake she had chosen.

She was using a mobile to text someone or it could be she was on the internet. And then I started asking myself questions –

1.      Why was she here on a Monday morning?

2.      Does she have any children?

3.      Is she divorced?

4.      Was she just having a day off and escaping the routine of everyday life?

The filmy gauze multi-coloured scarf hung over the expensive leather shoulder bag on the chair. My eyes dwelt on them for a minute and then she took out a diary or notebook and it crossed my mind that instead of dotting down a list of Christmas presents, she might be an observer like me. Maybe she was looking for the next character in her novel.

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