How Important is a Title?

When hunting for a title for my third crime novel, I had three words in mind and it was difficult to choose.




It was to describe the character who was committing the murders. I decided that something happened to this man to make him tip over, so I chose ‘Unscrewed’.

I published the novel on Amazon Kindle Store under the pen-name Sarah Wallace.

img017Story is about a murder that takes place on a regular service bus. Marge, the victim’s wife, has terminal cancer and awaits her husband coming home from night shift. They have a seven year old son and she worries what will become of him when she dies. Olivia, her sister-in-law isn’t married and it is she whom she turns to when the detectives turn up at her door. D.I. Davis is also unmarried and the moment he sets eyes on Olivia, he knows she is special. What he and others don’t know is she is having an affair with the head teacher of a local academy.

Inserting Sarah Wallace into Amazon Kindle Store will bring up my other two books – Murder in The Tannery (set in the 50’s) and Body in A Bag (contemporary).

Good Luck and good reading. I hope you enjoy them. (They are all quite different.)

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