Should writers keep reading?

Review of TONY BLACK -Paying for It……….2008

Main character well drawn so much so even although I didn’t like the language he used or the state he was living in – couldn’t live without alcohol, the story was a page turner. I sank and became steeped because the character was so believable.

Review of Tony Black-Murder Mile……….2012

I expected more of an Irvine Welsh character and was shocked and disappointed on finding the main character was a regular straight-up guy D.I. Rob Brennan who had personal problems and was also introspective, perhaps overmuch.

However, I was pleased to find Neil Henderson, who was just out of jail – a character not unlike Dury in ‘Paying for It’. Only this time he is not an investigator, he’s a pimp.

Angela Mickle is so well-drawn it strains belief that a woman could get herself into such a dependent and low state. Suicide is her only way out as she’s going to die anyway.

It just goes to show how writers like myself, think they are writing well until other writers show them how it should be done.

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