What are Cardboard Characters?

Answer – Two dimensional

Answer – What you see is what you get.

There’s a dialogue going on, but what else is in their minds? Again we are back to depth of character.

Sometimes we’ve got to let the reader take part and let them surmise what kind of person would say that. But is that satisfactory?

Cardboard characters are ones who act out a drama and you never get to know why they act in a certain way.

Real people have what’s called ‘Baggage’. They put it to the back of their minds, while they go about their daily lives, but it’s there and it determines what actions they take when they have to make decisions. There are people who have acted rashly and afterwards thought to themselves – I should have known better because of what happened before in my life. Mistakes are made because they forget.

So that’s why we write biographies for our characters, before we write our novel – showing what background they were born into; illustrating what education they managed to acquire; what tragedy in their life scarred them and crippled their minds and also what kind of person helped them to survive. All these facts tell us why they act in a particular way throughout the novel. It also can show how they evolve to become better or worse characters by the end of the story.

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