Should you change your writing genre?


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Crime Writing is what I enjoy doing. I start with a dead body being found and beforehand I have to work out why the person was killed and by whom. And from this information I have the reason for my novel being written. I need a detective inspector and his sergeant who put their skills together to find the killer and into the mix romance blossoms and domestic life suffers. The murderer is always found out and the inspector comes to a decision about his love life.

I enjoy the struggle from beginning to end, taking my characters through experiences and seeing them act out the drama in front of them. Sometimes I get surprises. I say to myself – ‘how did I dream up that?’ The struggle is not only in the plot, but to make it last until I have written 75,000 words or more.

Now why would one change to another genre?……..Maybe it’s when you don’t feel you can change the pattern and you worry that your readers will think if they read another book, it will be the same……..You don’t think you could change to writing ‘Romance’ because of the difficulty of keeping two people apart until they acknowledge that they were made for each other in the last chapter……..Or writing for ‘Young Adults’ would seem so far from your experience because their life styles have changed from the one that was familiar to you. Are their hopes and dreams so different?……..Fantasy has never been your ‘thing’. You don’t think you could dream up a world like in ‘The Hunger Games’………Horror stories would be hard to sustain. Stephen King shows how difficult it would be if you read one of his novels.

There are so many fields of writing, but the first criteria is – What do you like reading? If crime is what gives you the most pleasure and satisfaction, then crime is your chosen field for writing.

This doesn’t mean to say that you don’t read other material. One needs a break. You might read Sharon Kendrik’s Mills and Boon romances, Anita Shreve’s All He Ever Wanted, Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game or some autobiographies (Michael Caine or John McEnroe). But these are only a relief before you go back to Val McDermid, Tony Black, Ian Rankin, Robert Galbraith Stieg Larsson etcetera.

What you read often is going to be your writing genre. Would you agree?

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