Is deciding how a murder is committed enough material to start the next novel?

I normally start with a dead body.

I know where the crime is committed.

I tend to use the same detective because he is familiar to me and my readers.

I even know the title which has developed from ‘Murder in the Bramble Season’ to ‘Bramblejuice’.

Doesn’t sound exciting, but the idea is growing and other facts are taking shape.

In two of my last novels ‘Body in a Bag’ and ‘Unscrewed’, I let the name of the murderer be known. It gave me another character to focus on. This time I might let him be anonymous.

Next thing I have to think about is the main characters – Will I change the detective’s sergeant? – she could have been reassigned to another division. I still have got to think of other characters who would be important to the story.

I need to let these facts simmer before I start writing.

I’ll write a rough outline once I feel I’ve got a story.


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