What lengths will you go to illustrate the cover of your E/Book?



This is my fourth novel as you will have learned from my previous post.

As I paint in watercolour and acrylic I thought I would just do the same as I did with my other books and they were successful.

However as the murder takes place in Glasgow Central Station in a train, I had real difficulties on what the drawing would be like.

One Saturday morning I travelled by train to Glasgow, took my camera with me and on arrival I stayed on the platform where the train had drawn in. I plucked up courage and went to the front of the train and took several pictures. I wanted to get the feel of the train in the station. After I was satisfied, I went through the ticket barrier and gave up my ticket.

When I got home and had a look at the pictures, it was actually the first picture I took of the train I came off, that was the best. I printed it out and found where the train should have been yellow, it was pink. I realised that I must have been short of yellow in my printer.

It worked out to my advantage as I would have been hard pressed to paint a yellow cloud and I was happy when I pasted the photograph of the train under my painting of a blue sky with a pink cloud to match the train.

What do you think?

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