What can a leap back in time unearth?

I am outlining the images which were discovered in my writing about Flying.

In early spring, large bumble bees fly and land on purple clumps of heather in the garden. I began to wonder where their nests might be. I can’t think that they have a hive nearby.

In warm weather the ants fly and scurry along flagstones moving grains of earth. They work so hard and are amazing to watch until they find their way into the kitchen. White powder is sprayed over likely places and hopefully the scouting ants will take it back to the ant’s nest and kill them off.

Butterflies are a welcome sight, flitting about the Butterfly tree. I remember them being hunted with nets on long poles and when caught were put in jars until the end of the day. Freedom came after the children left and the nets were back in the shed. The White Cabbage Butterfly flew near the vegetables. Naming them the enemy, the children chased them away.

Night-time is not the time to be out in the garden, if you are allergic to flying insects. At first, you are blind to them and then all of a sudden there is a haze of them and they start biting. If you have the type of skin that they like, it’s best to go inside and forget about gardening until the next day. And wise to take an antihistamine tablet, just in case an insect bit you in the short time you were out.

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