Should I tell or show what the word BEAUTY means?

This is an example of SHOWING rather than TELLING.


I nearly freaked out when I heard the two women say my name in hushed tones. My ears twitched, I had to hear what they were saying about me and more importantly that it was me and not someone else by the same name. They sat two seats in front of me in the bus and obviously they didn’t know I was there.

“It’s true,” said the woman with the black rinsed hair. “She’s been seeing the butcher over the past year and they’ve got awfully friendly. My cousin wouldn’t lie to me.”

The other woman cocked her ear and didn’t say much except, “You don’t say or I can hardly believe it.”

I seethed. I wanted to go down and punch them for mentioning my name on public transport and ask them if they realised they were broadcasting someone’s secret life, but what good would that do? It would only bring attention to myself and give them more to talk about.

When I got home, I threw off my coat and let my handbag find a place on the floor. How could she have told someone about me? I thought we had a beautiful friendship and I treasured it up until now. A real friend wouldn’t have divulged my secret love affair. I was crushed, broken and I sobbed my heart out.

Afterwards the world seemed an ugly place, even the roses I had brought in from the garden to adorn my kitchen had lost their glow. I decided I wouldn’t confront my so-called friend and accuse her of what she had done, but the closeness we had shared was lost and I doubted if I could ever trust anyone again.

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