Should I put myself on the spot?

I was invited to tell people about my writing journey to a group of elderly people. I hesitated, but eventually agreed to do it. Part of me enjoyed the thought of expounding to an audience about my passion for writing, but I knew I would find it nerve-wracking.

I had months to prepare because it was for the next year’s syllabus and I could make excuses if I felt ill-at-ease about the whole affair. But although I was nervous about standing up in front of an audience, I wanted to do it.

At home I tried to talk out loud by remembering how my novels came about, but I found myself hesitating and stumbling. The words were slow in coming and I thought the audience would become impatient and walk out before I had finished.

I finally decided to write my writing journey in pages – one for each step of the way. It seemed to show a natural progression.

At last the day came and although I had several broken nights of sleep, I was determined to see it through. The evidence of the courses I had taken and my bookmarks for marketing were placed on a table beside my make-shift lectern. I had a microphone attached to my ear with the mouthpiece appearing at the front of my face.

I relaxed my body and took a deep breath and introduced myself and started to speak about what I was most passionate about – My Writing.

The audience’s reaction to my talk built up my confidence and by question time, I was in my element. I wondered why I had been so nervous. I was tickled pink that everything had worked out delightfully. I need not have worried at all.

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