Should the sixth be my last?

I feel I’m running out of ideas to murder the next victim. It has to be realistic in the circumstances I have set up.

My crime novels have the same kind of criminal – plucked from what I believe can happen to a human being, who is thwarted, tempted or out of control.

My detective has a life, which is like the man in the street, who is beset with problems.

In my stories, the criminal always gets caught.

So, I’m stuck with a rigid story. I’ve got away with the storyline for five novels and I think I need a reprieve. But I have a compulsion to write and It’s as important to me as breathing – maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I think you will get my meaning.

I’ve reached 45,000 words in my sixth novel and I’d be disappointed if I gave up at this point. Maybe I’ve reached the decision stage about it being the last in this series.

All my books are ebooks and can be downloaded from Amazon under my pen-name – Sarah Wallace.

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2 Responses to Should the sixth be my last?

  1. Christi says:

    I love following characters through a series, but sometimes it’s time to come to the end. What did you decide to do about your series? Are you continuing your draft or moving onto a new series?

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