Is it necessary to research?

Normally I do very little research and it is only when I am unsure about some fact that I look it up. But after a recent experience, maybe I should consider the benefits of researching something more fully.

Recently I looked after a dog because the owner was not going to be at home for four days. I like dogs and cats, but I’ve never contemplated owning them or having them about the house all the time.

I felt terrible responsible that nothing should happen to the cute and loveable dog while it was in my care, so much so, I never left the house. The thought that if something should happen to me if I went out and left the poor animal to its fate, was inconceivable.

However, the result of having kept him safe and sound, resulted in writing a short story for a woman’s magazine. Of course, in the story I take the dog out, go down the beach and meet a long lost friend and a romance is kindled

What I am saying is sometimes to get ideas, we have to have new experiences. And another way to do this is through research e.g. visit a place you have never been or if you know nothing about keeping birds or fish or snakes = Look it up! Find out! And this could give you brand new ideas for writing..



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