Should writing be a punishment?

I recently read that an author of repute thought writing was an exhausting struggle. Others found the process painful and think of it as running a marathon. I asked myself – Why do they do it, if it is so punishing? Even if at the end of their painful journey, they find themselves pleased with the outcome, did the pleasure outweigh the pain?

I couldn’t justify the time spent working on a novel, if I didn’t get enjoyment from the writing. Seeing what my characters do and how they behave in certain situations is enlightening. A light gets switched on because they do things I don’t anticipate. It’s only as you write, things happen beyond what was expected and you are surprised by the outcome.

This is one way to learn about life. Although you are writing from experience, some of it is from what you have heard, read or imagined. Imagination is a very powerful and a writer’s best tool in my opinion.

Writing is a pleasure for me, not a punishment.

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