Where does the inspiration come from?

I have given this some thought and I think when one starts to read in the early years of primary school, there is a compulsion to write for yourself. It may start with the compositions or essays that the teacher might ask for. You write about a particular subject and you write it as it appears to you. There is no emphasis on historical fact, so you can make it up from your imagination. This is the match that when set alight becomes inspiration.

Later, when you write and want it published, you are not deterred by rejections because the well-received essays at school gave you the confidence to write and not be put off.

I have mentioned before that one should read as much as one writes. By doing this, you are feeding your mind and soul with a variety of facts about life and also about ways of writing.

Recently my reading has included –

Goldenrod by Herbert Harker.  Surprise Party by William Katz.  At the going down of the sun by Elizabeth Darrell.  Jester by James Patterson.

I treated myself yesterday with a Harper Lee novel – Go Set a Watchman. I can’t wait to start reading it.

So have fun writing and enjoy reading worthwhile novels.


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