Should we pose for thought?

I have published the sixth novel, which I thought would be my last. And I’m on top of the world because one of my faithful readers gave me a wonderful review.

‘Damned’ by Sarah Wallace (pen-name) – to be found on Amazon UK Kindle Books.

Immediately one finishes a novel, you search for another idea. You know you could do with a break, but without an idea, you panic.

As luck would have it, I went on a bus tour and something happened, which planted seeds – what if? An idea for a novel presented itself. Where it will take me I don’t know, but I’ve decided instead of a five day tour, I’ll make it a ten day tour, which will give me time for murders to occur and a story unfold.

Writing is no different from any other activity. A golfer wants to get to the tee in less strokes, a boxer wants to find the punch that will knock his opponent out sooner than later, a tennis player wants to find the swing that will take the ball over the net and drop it at his opponent’s feet, so he can’t hit it. With writing it’s not so much beating other authors as learning from them. I have said before that for a writer, reading is as important as writing.

Recently I read ‘Sunset Park’ by Paul Auster. It opens up thought on how you can delve deep into character and show how they have developed. Sunset Park is where these people find themselves. They have one thing in common – no money. It’s a dump and while no-one is aware that they are squatters, it might give them time to get sorted and find a way of making a living, so they can move on with their lives.

It made me want to find out more about the characters I put into my novel and to deepen and give them more meaning. It can only improve the reader’s experience, so I’m going to try.


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