Should you think you are worthless?

I read recently an article about Social Media and it made me wonder if I was helping anybody. Surely talking over problems on my blog would spark interest, if another writer is having the same difficulties.

I can only imagine that they have the same aspirations: Finding an idea for a story, choosing the right characters, deciding on the setting and planning the beginning. Before this of course you would need to know the genre and in what period – historical or contemporary?

If I’m going to help the writer, who is panicking, I will have to share my experiences, I guess. Well, here goes:

I write about crime committed in present day times. It’s pure fiction and I enjoy every minute I spend on it. The reason being is when I have completed my target of 1000 words per day, I realise time has passed and I’ve been in a different world.

Getting an idea for a story isn’t easy. It needs something to happen to trigger an impulse and when that doesn’t happen, you have to go searching.

I’ll tell you about how I found an idea for my sixth novel next time.

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