How Do You get Depth?

I have had this problem for some time.

I’ve written six novels under the pen-name Sarah Wallace and sell them on Amazon UK Kindle Store. But not until now have I been shown what real depth was.

My characters are what they seem, act how they would in reality, be villains when they want to be, are flawed like humans and good guys apologise for their discrepancies. But they do not have depth of character which would make them more interesting. I have given the problem much thought, but the answer doesn’t appear automatically.

When I read the first fifty pages of ‘Carnival of Shadows’ by R.J. Ellory, I knew I had found the answer.

1.’Back Story’    2.A Past History.   3.Reasons why he is the person he is now.   4.’Baggage’, which he still carries around in his head.

I hope to remedy my current novel with these thoughts for my characters to make them more interesting. You might want to do the same.



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