Where do ideas come from?

While I’m waiting for a worthwhile idea for my next crime novel, I’m using my time to write short stories for Women’s Magazines.

Again ideas don’t present themselves on a plate for me to choose.

Recently I used my garden to write ‘Having Faith’. I wrote about wanting to be able grow and sell my vegetables from my drive.

Another idea was prompted when I showed my photograph album to my daughter. There was a photo of my family walking on the local beach, where  we had many memories. It struck me I could write and reflect on these memories with the idea that I could relate them to my grandchildren when they eventually arrived.

Lately, I was waiting for inspiration and my eyes launched on a water-colour painting I had pinned up on the wall beside my corkboard along with two others. It was the picture of a stile that one climbs over to get to the other side of a field. A memory of one similar I used to climb to get onto a hill, came to me and the beginning of a story presented itself. I named it ‘The Promise of Tomorrow’.

When I came home the other day from my painting activity, I pinned up my new painting – an acrylic painting of a rocky shore, cloudy sky and surf breaking over the rocks. Almost immediately I had the beginning of a story. The title might be ‘Troubled Times’. I’m still considering the outline and the ending. I guess you have to use whatever means to get those creative juices flowing.

I’m still pondering over my next novel. It’s got to feel right because once you start, it’s a long journey.

No-one knows where the next idea will come from. You just have to keep an open mind and use your eyes and ears and your sixth sense.

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