Should I change direction?

Is there an end? Is there a resting place? Is there a haven when you have finished an objective?

I have come to think that once you have attained your goal – for instance written a series of novels in a certain genre, you might want to change direction. One doesn’t want to feel that you have found a recipe for writing a novel – a reader might recognise the plot and tire of it.

Perhaps a change of genre might be the right direction to take to find new readers and enhance your writing ability. For example instead of crime you could write romantic fiction. A compilation of short stories might be a good idea. The goal would be the same, but you would have fun getting there.

I am aware that there is a lot of hard work and determination to reach the number of words in a compilation of short stories that will result in a book. Also coming up with fresh ideas for each story is no mean feat. A novel is a much easier task than a list of short stories.

However if the result takes you in a different direction, gives meaning to your life, reaches more readers, produces enjoyment in what you are doing, your goal will have been worth it.


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