My Books

No.1            Murder at the Tannery          Pen Name – Sarah Wallace          Amazon Jan.2013

murderattanneryA story of a murder that took place in a tannery in the 1950’s and the search for the murderer. The suspects are those who work there because the body was found in one of the pits. Detective Inspector Pringle has personal problems – his wife left him for an American, who had visited the perfume counter in a store where she worked. His unmarried daughter lives with him. His work contained him until he met his daughter’s friend.

Note – I’ve had 6 positive published comments.                     Genre – Adult Crime Fiction.

No.2            Body in a Bag                            Pen name – Sarah Wallace           Amazon Jul.2013

bodyinabagA story of a body in a bag found on a beach and the search for the murderer. Retired Detective James Sturgeon is with Amelia Kerr, an art teacher, when she discovers the body. When they tear the plastic, she doesn’t know who it is, but she recognises that he is a mentally challenged victim, because she has a few in her class at college. The murderer is married and has a family, but he likes his fun and if found out he could lose his job and his family. His only way out was to silence the young man.

Note – I’ve had three comments so far. One said it was a surprising murder story, good story and good ending.                                                      Genre – Adult Crime Fiction.

No. 3                                Unscrewed             Pen name – Sarah Wallace     Amazon Feb. 2014

img017        img017

A murder takes place on a regular service bus. Marge, the victim’s wife, has terminal cancer and awaits her husband coming home from nightshift. Olivia, her sister-in-law teaches her seven year old son and it is to her she turns to when the detectives turn up at her door. The moment D.I.Davis sets eyes on Olivia, he knows she is special.

Note – New story has a very good comment – ‘Another cracker of a story’ – unputdownable.                                                                                                                        Genre- adult fiction

img021No. 4                          Poleaxed                           Pen-name Sarah Wallace

An elderly woman threatens to go to the newspapers with a complaint against an insurance company. He has botched up the deal and cannot let this happen. He murders her on the train before it leaves Glasgow Central Station.

Detective Inspector Davis has a new cheeky sergeant and at first she got on his nerves, but later he found her to be a comfort.

Note – Good reviews – good plots, enjoyable and the best yet.



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